Define your community strategy and plan its growth

You can’t improvise a community.

At least if you want it to grow and generate impact.
There are strategies and choices to be made, and if this is not done, at some point the community risks not taking off or growing.

This is what our course aims to do: to provide awareness of what aspects to keep in mind and what choices to make, in order to launch a community and plan its growth.



The course is structured in 4 main topics:

What is a community and why people talk about it so much

Community is today’s buzzword. Everyone talks about it, everyone has a community, everything is community. Yet there is still a lot of confusion around this word. Many misuse it and do not know its real connotations and the opportunities it can actually generate. This module aims to introduce the concept of community and explain why it can be so important to have one today.

Define the objective of your community

What is the value that aggregates a community? Why a community is different than an audience? And how do we define the value that holds a community together and that then causes the sense of belonging? In this part of the course we will try to answer these questions with theory, best practices and our tools.

Define your business objective

Those who launch a community do not always know why they are doing so.
Instead, it is necessary to define at an early stage what is the aim that you want to achieve with your community: different design choices correspond to different objectives. This part of the course guides you in understanding how to define the business objective of a community and why it is important.

Define the openness of your community

The concept of openness is very important when defining the strategy of a community. It means determining who is inside but also who is outside your community. Thinking about these aspects also means working on the concepts of identity and growth. This is what we will do in this part of the course.

What this course entails


Brief theoretical overviews will help to frame the contents and provide a reference point from which to put into practice what has been learnt.

Case study

Numerous case studies will help to provide exemplification of the theory and insight into how others have done it.


Through our design canvas, specifically designed for communities, we will directly put into practice on our project what we have learnt.


We will discuss our exercises with the other participants in order to take up what has been said and enrich it with the thoughts and projects of others.

Whom this course is for

  • Managers who want to strengthen the relationship between their company and their customers, employees or, in the CSR field, with their territories.
  • Non profit organization wishing to strengthen the relationship with and among their members, with volunteers, with the places where they operate.
  • Startuppers considering engaging the community around their product.
  • Fundraiser who want to engage the donors of their fundraising campaigns.
  • Community managers who want to enhance their skills, share their experiences, incorporate a recognised process and method into their work.
  • Community leaders who want to grow their community.
  • Citizens who feel the need to structure their informal group.
  • Consultants and designers who wish to deepen their understanding of communities.

When and how it takes place

25/07/22 – 15.00-18.00
26/07/22 – 15.00-17.00
27/07/22 – 12.00-17.00
CEST time
The course takes place on Zoom

Our lecturers

Marta Mainieri is an expert in community design, innovation in platform business models and the sharing economy.
Founder of Collaboriamo in 2013, an organisation which provides research, consultancy and training on platform & community design, new digital business models and open innovation, she curated and organised Sharitaly (2013-2017), the first event in Italy on the sharing economy. Author of Community Economy (Egea, 2020), and Collaboriamo (Hoepli, 2013), the first book published in Italy on the sharing economy, she collaborates with newspapers on digital transformation and social innovation. Since 2017 she is in the Startupitalia ranking of the 1,000 Italian women who are changing the world of technology, business, innovation.
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Elisa Saturno is an expert in design methodologies applied to the topics of social innovation, community economy and circular economy. Since 2019, she has been teaching design in several institutes, including Politecnico di Milano and IES Abroad Milano. Since 2016 he has been working on projects to activate public and cultural spaces through participatory architecture processes and since 2017 he has been collaborating with European organisations and architecture firms to develop circular economy processes in the field of design and architecture. Since 2019, together with Collaboriamo, she has been engaged in design, training and consultancy on the topics of collaborative economy, and in particular community economy.
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