Our services are dedicated to companies, organizations, non-profit entities, and all those interested in understanding communities and creating and growing their community of partners, employees, and suppliers.

Community Assessment

Through our framework, we define the gap that needs to be filled to transform your group into a community. From the analysis of the main elements to be observed in a community (framework), we define the steps to take to transform your strategy into a community-oriented one.

Community Strategy

We define your community strategy. Through a series of co-creation workshops with the client, we define the identity system, the engagement model, the governance model, up to the business model. From the concept to the definition of the prototype.

Community Prototyping

We design the prototype and support you in the launch of the community, in the definition of measurement metrics, in listening and in community testing through iterative cycles of monitoring and prototyping.

Community Growing

We plan the growth of the community: from the analysis of the “as it is”, or of the evidence that emerged in the prototyping phase, we define and detail the community offer, the governance system and the touchpoints following the life cycle of the communities.

Community Management

We support the customer in managing the community, planning together the activities, the management method, identifying the necessary skills that are already present and those that need to be implemented.

Open Innovation

We provide our community database to foster and accelerate partnerships to identify new potential customers, facilitate the relationship with community managers, create or test new products and services.


We create customized training packages, built on the needs of the customer, always combining theoretical training with application and experimentation laboratories. From masterclasses on community design to insights on some specific areas or applications in different fields (Human Resources, Marketing, CSR).

Capacity building

We accompany the client in the development and growth of their community by supporting them step by step to transfer the techniques of community management and make them independent.

The Toolkit: the tools to become a community brand

We have built a method and a set of service design tools designed specifically to help organizations create and grow their community.

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