CommOpen è un servizio ideato da Community Economy e promosso da Collaboriamo e Impact Hub Trento, che mette a disposizione il suo database di community per favorire e accelerare il processo di partnership con community

CommOpen is an Open Innovation service that creates connections and collaborations between communities that are growing into interesting market niches, and companies.

 Communities are digital plazas that bring together thousands of people. Today, community organizers are increasingly looking for partnerships that allow their community’s sustainability, opening up to companies as new audiences. For companies, communities are an opportunity to meet niches of potential customers but also to anticipate needs and have an open eye on innovation


CommOpen makes its community database available to facilitate and accelerate the partnership process with communities in order to:

  • identify new projects with dedicated targets
  • facilitate the relationship with community managers
  • test and discuss new services or products


CommOpen is a service promoted by Collaboriamo and Impact Hub Trentino

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