Communities are a new way of valuing relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.

By building organisations and services around communities, it is possible to strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers, employees, and territories, but also, and above all, among themselves.

This approach allows organisations to be closer once again to the needs of citizens, generating innovation, trust and well-being..

Building and managing communities demands new skills.

Opening digital media is not enough to have a community.
You cannot improvise: communities do not form and grow on their own..
To cultivate relationships, it is necessary to create the context within which they can express. It takes time, care and methodology.
Our courses aim to do this: make you aware of what it means to design and manage a community and to provide you with all the skills you need to open a community and make it grow.
Thanks to our courses, discover how to create and manage a community.

Our courses

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What to expect from our Academy

A unique methodology

You will become familiar with our framework, a structured approach that covers all the design phases which are necessary to understand how to create and manage a community.

Not just theory

Each of our courses combines a theoretical part, numerous case studies, and exercises with unique and original tools to make your learning experience as complete as possible.

questions and answers

Q&A and updates

Together with the course, you will have access to Q&A sessions reserved for our Academy participants: each month an opportunity to keep on deepening your knowledge and the progress of your project.


Each member will be provided with the course bibliography in addition to a directory of in-depth links from national and international publications on the topic of communities.

Expert lecturers

Our courses are taught by the Collaboriamo team, experienced professionals who have focused for years on community research, design, strategy, management and start-up.

Whom our courses are for

  • Managers who want to strengthen the relationship between their company and their customers, employees or, in the CSR field, with their territories.
  • Non profit organization wishing to strengthen the relationship with and among their members, with volunteers, with the places where they operate.
  • Startuppers considering engaging the community around their product.
  • Fundraiser who want to engage the donors of their fundraising campaigns.
  • Community managers who want to enhance their skills, share their experiences, incorporate a recognised process and method into their work.
  • Community leaders who want to grow their community.
  • Citizens who feel the need to structure their informal group.
  • Consultants and designers who wish to deepen their understanding of communities.
Una foto dell'evento Commopen di Collaboriamo e Community Economy

Our lecturers

Marta Rainieri, fondatrice di Community Economy

Marta Mainieri is an expert in community design, innovation in platform business models and the sharing economy.
Founder of Collaboriamo in 2013, an organisation which provides research, consultancy and training on platform & community design, new digital business models and open innovation, she curated and organised Sharitaly (2013-2017), the first event in Italy on the sharing economy. Author of Community Economy (Egea, 2020), and Collaboriamo (Hoepli, 2013), the first book published in Italy on the sharing economy, she collaborates with newspapers on digital transformation and social innovation. Since 2017 she is in the Startupitalia ranking of the 1,000 Italian women who are changing the world of technology, business, innovation.
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Elisa Saturno, progettista, formatrice e consulente di Community Economy

Elisa Saturno is an expert in design methodologies applied to the topics of social innovation, community economy and circular economy. Since 2019, she has been teaching design in several institutes, including Politecnico di Milano and IES Abroad Milano. Since 2016 he has been working on projects to activate public and cultural spaces through participatory architecture processes and since 2017 he has been collaborating with European organisations and architecture firms to develop circular economy processes in the field of design and architecture. Since 2019, together with Collaboriamo, she has been engaged in design, training and consultancy on the topics of collaborative economy, and in particular community economy.
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Marta Corubolo, esperta di design per l'innovazione sociale all'interno di Community Economy

Marta Corubolo is a research fellow at POLIMI DESIS Lab, within the Department of Design at Politecnico di Milano and member of the international DESIS network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability). Phd in Design, she is an expert in design for social innovation with a focus on the design of collaborative and multistakeholder processes for the incubation and support of local initiatives in relation to the public and private sectors.
She has participated in several national and European research programmes and teaches at various institutes including, Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano, IES Abroad Milano.

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